>> 11.23.2008

I'm still around. I've either been (a) hibernating since temperatures plunged below freezing or (b) working many hours.

While I'd prefer (a), the answer actually is (b). Therefore, I haven't had a chance to edit and post photos from a recent trip to Wisconsin's answer to warm beaches in fall: indoor waterparks at the Wisconsin Dells.



65 years

>> 11.13.2008

Just wanted to send along congratulations to my grandparents, celebrating 65 years of marriage today. Wow.

In the mid-1940s, my grandfather was serving in the Coast Guard near Iceland and Greenland and my grandmother was teaching kindergarten in Milwaukee (in high heels and dresses!).

Today they live just two miles from us, across the road from my parents. We're thankful for that!

We've had fun going through old photos and putting together a PowerPoint presentation for the upcoming (small) party. Can't wait to get together with cousins, aunts, and uncles.


Fall cleaning

>> 11.01.2008

Ah, finally a productive day at home, after spending the past three weekends enjoying numerous state parks. I cleaned inside (even used the vacuum attachments to suck all the dust and Asian lady beetles out of the corners) while the husband took care of sucking leaves out of the gutters.

The child played so nicely by herself. I think she was just happy to have a Saturday that didn't start with, "Let's pick a park to hike today."

The only time we ventured out of the house was for a brief trip to Target, where I was overjoyed to discover the much-needed return of Starbucks iced coffee cans to store shelves, just in time for winter.

All the clocks have been safely re-set to Central Standard Time (except for the two that supposedly change themselves... always an iffy proposition), so now I may sleep after a day of great accomplishment. Hey, my sinks are toothpaste-free; that IS an accomplishment.


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