>> 12.21.2008

Here's a look back at our trip to the Wisconsin Dells in October, when it was 45 degrees warmer than it is right now (yet we were wearing gloves and winter coats).

how pleasant it looked at Devil's Lake that day? It is a beach, but not the sort on which I long to be on winter days like today.

The scenery was beautiful after a blustery, rocky hike.

Next we saw the now-being-refilled Lake Delton. We began our journey to the then-empty lake below the Mirror Lake Dam...

Here's the under-construction boat launch...

And finally, I stood on the lakebed formerly covered with water and recreation.

No trip to the Dells is complete without a waterpark excursion. Don't look too closely; we're wearing swimsuits but haven't been out in the sun for a while.

Finally, this photo epitomizes all that I try to avoid in the Dells: a lovely old building downtown, scarred by a cheesy sign.

Ah, a fond look back at semi-warmer times. I'm doing a lot of that lately.


Warm memories

>> 12.13.2008

Here's a discovery we made at work yesterday. It's a fun, fast, and free way to use the numerous photos we take to promote my employer. And low-cost, online marketing options are looked upon very kindly these days. Today I made a little show of my personal photos to help me forget winter in Wisconsin.


New slogan?

>> 12.07.2008

I think the Wisconsin tourism group started a new ad campaign on December 1. I've heard the same slogan repeated each morning since, when the radio comes on to wake me up:

"Give yourself some extra time. The roads are slick."

It's not what I personally would have come up with. It's actually making me want to leave the state. But it must be working; I hear they plan to continue the campaign all this week...


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