Welcome back

>> 11.02.2010

Welcome back to me, that is. Where have I been?

Well, I drove a golf cart.

Then I sat on a beach in Paradise.

End of blog, right? I found the beach and golf cart I'd been seeking.

Sorry. You can't get rid of me that easily.

I'll offer a list of possible reasons for my nine-month disappearance in the form of True/False statements.

1. I took a sabbatical to research the microbrewing industry in the Maldives.

False. I'm a staff member at a college, not faculty. No sabbatical for me.

2. Nine months? Just gave birth to triplets. Have my hands full.

False! God's sense of humor hasn't gone there.

3. Helped nurse a 10-year-old, DOS-based scoreboard through its last season at my part-time seasonal gig.


4. Rediscovered my library. Abandoned computers.

Partially true. I did enjoy all 560 pages of The Lost Girls, plus a few other books.

5. Took on the job description of a departed coworker. With responsibility for a college's websites, social media, and blogs, the last thing I wanted to do was blog for myself.

Pretty much true.

6. Road construction prevented me from leaving my house all summer.

False. It did make for an interesting five months as our 40-year-old water mains and curbs were replaced. When will they tear up our road? When will they remove our mailboxes? What goo will they unearth with the water mains? Will flooding rains wash away the gravel? When will they pour curbs so we can't we park in our driveway for six days? It all ended yesterday, with me making a quick escape mere feet in front of the dump truck containing the final coat of asphalt. Now we have a beautifully smooth road. Just in time for the snowplows.

7. I hit a milestone birthday and decided to pursue a career in surfing.

False. We'll save that one for 2011.

I read in an article that you shouldn't say, "I don't have time." You really mean, "It's not a priority."

While this blog should have been a priority (for my own sanity, if nothing else), you can only have so many priorities in 24 hours, and this didn't fit. Work, family, and random weekend trips to Minnesota, Michigan, and around Badgerland took precedence.


But I did come back.


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