Mission accomplished

>> 6.24.2011

The previously canceled inaugural Space Camp Tweetup (#SCTweetup) was rescheduled for June 2-3, and I wasn't going to miss it. Surprisingly, the husband who dislikes being in the car decided to make the road trip again, so we took the child out of school and retraced our path down bumpy I-65.

Having been given the opportunity to take the "same" trip for the second time in five weeks, we took full advantage. Stops included Columbus, Indiana (we ventured into town this time); Franklin, Tennessee; our primary destination of Huntsville, Alabama; and a quick 24 hours in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The child earned her Civil War Junior Ranger badge, the spouse decided Chattanooga was a place in which he'd like to spend more time, and I had dinner with astronaut Hoot Gibson.

We also were reminded of why our Huntsville visit originally was canceled as we rounded a curve near Madison, Alabama, and crossed what had been the path of an April tornado. Some houses were still covered in blue tarps; others were untouched. A warehouse across the highway was flattened.

My detailed notes from the Tweetup (which included an awesome visit to the NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center) haven't made it into blog form yet. But for now, please enjoy a little slideshow of my Space Camp adventure:


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