September in review

>> 9.29.2009

The month of my birth is ending, along with my seasonal part-time gig and our streak of San Diego-esque weather. Yes, it was a beautiful run of sunny, 73-degree days. But now the furnace has kicked in. And I'm cold. You know my feelings on that topic. If not, just look at the title of the blog.

To add insult to injury, I don't get paid to use a walkie-talkie and clipboard for another six months.

The month in which fall began included stops at this warm and sunny beach.

Later in the month, the child made her debut at a famous stadium. We spent a beautiful sunny afternoon watching the green and gold lose (while getting sunburned at the frozen tundra).

But the weather turned ugly on the way home when we stopped at the same beach, no longer warm and sunny.

Finally, we took a late September hike to the Appalachians? No, it's still the Badger State. That's just fall rolling in, with winter right behind it. I'm looking forward to the fall colors if the wind and rain doesn't get to them first.

My other September happening was being present at a gathering of people with whom I graduated from high school a round number of years ago. I need a little more time until I can properly reflect on that evening.

Don't worry, it's not as bad as you think.


The elusive triple play

>> 9.06.2009

Last September I referenced the fact that I had never witnessed a Major League triple play in person. That changed today... saw one.

What else is there to dream about in my future baseball game observances? Have to think about it.

In other news, I spent Saturday at the beach. Remembering to bring the sand toys for the child (for once) got me some bonus "sit on a blanket and read" time.

Beach, triple play... there's one day remaining in this holiday weekend.

What's left but to drive a golf cart?


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