None of the above

>> 5.27.2008

I know that referring to beaches and golf carts in my blog title may lead you to believe any of the following:

  1. I've retired from my job in the Rust Belt, moved to Florida, and now pass the time walking the beach with a metal detector, before cruising back to the planned community in my golf cart.

  2. My estate in Hawaii is so large that I need a golf cart to return to the main house after a leisurely day spent sipping rum drinks in my cabana on the sand.

  3. In my opinion, there's nothing like a morning on the links at Pebble Beach, watching the waves crash by the 7th green.

  4. None of the above, Badger Girl. Wishful thinking.
If you chose number 4, you chose wisely. Or you paid attention to the post's title. Either way, have patience, as the truth will be revealed in the next two posts. Welcome, and thanks for reading.


Chris & Eva May 28, 2008  

Welcome to the blogging world and thanks for the sidebar link to our blog!

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