>> 1.17.2009

To a model railroader, "undecorated" is seen as an opportunity. It may be a plain gray locomotive that the modeler can paint in the scheme of his or her choice, or perhaps it's a piece of rolling stock waiting to be decorated for a certain railroad, in a certain era, with a certain number. (Please don't ask why I know enough to have written that last sentence.)

But to me, sitting in my living room a few long weeks after Christmas, "undecorated" means a bare mantel, an empty banister, and a gaping hole where the tree once stood in all its illuminated glory. It means that the holidays are over and the long remainder of winter lies before us.

Undecorated also means chaos (see above) that needs to be repacked into plastic bins until next Thanksgiving. Ooo, at least I get to organize things for a while, which makes me happy.

Well, that's done, and the bins are back in the basement. Excuse me while I check airfares to Florida.


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