>> 3.20.2009

If you're like me, two things can happen when you see "1985."

One, you have bad flashbacks to awkward early teenage years, or two, you start singing "She's seen all the classics, she knows every line, Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, even St. Elmo's Fire..."

Yes, it's the song by Bowling for Soup that recounts the mid-'80s, right down to my Duran Duran obsession (but I didn't marry a CPA).

And hearing that song tonight took me back to 1985.

I was standing along a wall during a school dance, barely knowing anyone, being ignored, not going near the dance floor.

Um, that was tonight, actually. I never even attended a dance as a student.

Yes, I took the six-year-old to her school's fundraiser, our first of many to come, while the husband stayed home sick (he really was...).

After dinner, at 6:00 sharp, the DJ kicked things off by playing "1985," aimed squarely at all of the uncool, SUV-driving parents in attendance, I'm sure. Ouch.

I now return you Back to the Future, because I have absolutely no desire to be 14 again.


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