One of those days

>> 6.15.2009

Some days you just want to vent to anyone who will listen. And what better place to do that than on a blog.

But after running through the events that made this day annoying, I've decided to spare you the details.

Instead I will summarize my biggest pet peeves:

1. Overturned semis that close freeways during rush hour leading to four-suburb gridlock.

2. Stores that don't have anything you need in stock.

3. Overpriced big-chain food stores, that also don't have what you need in stock but you stopped in because you were in the same strip mall as the stores in item 2.

4. Parents who "raise" rude, obnoxious children, who are left free to roam the zoo without regard for fellow citizens.

5. Weak iced coffee.

I think that's about it. I left out a few others, but you get the idea.

As a local news anchor used to say, good night, and better tomorrows.


Linda June 17, 2009  

Thinking of you, darlin! Sorry for the bad things. May there be better tomorrows.

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