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>> 8.06.2009

I have limited creative outlets and news sources today (though it was a semi-productive day at work, despite the oh-so-slow servers). Twitter has been down, Facebook has been iffy, and my RSS feeds are cranky.

Plus we no longer get a newspaper at home during the week. (Reason: The child was learning more about copy editing marks than about health care plans from the Wall Street Journal. As a recovering copy editor, I feel a newspaper loses credibility when I read it with a pink editing pen in hand, something I started while reading my college's newspaper. And yes, the child used to read from the WSJ every day. Doesn't every 6-year-old?)

So, how was I to know that John Hughes died? And what else have I missed today? Instead of getting this vital information 140 characters per bite, I've been forced to make my own observations, with nowhere to post them but here.

For example, while walking through the mall tonight (note: not a normal occurrence), I felt like the tallest person there. I'm only about 5-8 but I was towering over 97 percent of shoppers. Disconcerting. Also, overly anxious waitresses who try to rush you when the restaurant is half-empty are annoying. And traffic was backed up, since no one was Tweeting about the delays while driving. Or is that a good thing...

Anyway, life likely will return to normal tomorrow. In the meantime, I had a reason to blog.


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