>> 2.27.2010

February. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again.

It's not my favorite month, mainly due to my being done with winter at this point, and this year it's been the longest month e-v-e-r. Thank goodness it doesn't have more days, like 30.

I'm not the only one who thinks so. Samantha Bee eloquently stated her distaste for our calendar's second month in this morning's Wall Street Journal. I already had this post written in my head, and reading her article reinforced my need to get it off my chest.

I'm carb-loading this month, as shown by the results of a recent trip to the store. The child is no longer amused by the ever-growing snow piles that line the driveway. She has outgrown her winter clothes by this point, and of course the spring lines have appeared in every store, though we can't really switch to our warm-weather wardrobes until about May in these parts. The car is coated in salt. The shovel is broken, and again, only lawn mowers are available at the hardware store. My skin is dried out; even makeup can't give my face any color. My only "escape" from the cold has been to places like this: indoor gardens under a big glass dome. Woo-hoo.

On that note, I'll leave you with my one positive from February (which comes from a negative of course).

Here are flowers I received. Not for Valentine's Day, you silly person. That is not celebrated in this household. No, they're from my mother-in-law, who felt badly that I had to take not one but two trips to the airport in a one-hour period because someone she gave birth to forgot something at her house.

At least the stargazer lilies make my kitchen smell like my wedding bouquet. The wedding was in August, when it's warm. The reception was by a lake. Which has a beach.


Linda Augsburg February 28, 2010  

I'm on your side. February and the snow both need to depart. On to March--a month where we might see grass (dead as it is), a coatless day or two, and rain instead of snowflakes! Farewell, February! Go away now!

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