Of beaches and Hitchcock

>> 7.18.2008

Sometimes timing is everything.

How did I end up
walking along the lake, a stone's throw from a beach, during work hours Tuesday afternoon? It legitimately was part of a long-planned, oft-delayed tour of the city, camera in hand, to restock the photo library. For once, the timing was perfect: a sunny day, with wispy clouds in the sky. Readily available parking spots. All the buildings smiling for the camera. A co-worker who sprung for ice cream. And a chance to escape the office shortly after finding out the boss gave notice.

Who cares if it was 90 degrees? Sometimes fresh (even if laced with ozone) air by the beach is sorely needed.

Not being tired Thursday night (see one reason, above), I decided to catch up on recorded shows that were hogging space on the DVR. Hmmm, Rear Window; it's one of my favorite movies. I think I'll settle onto the couch and watch. Brilliant move: Hitchcock at 1 in the morning, with L. B. Jefferies staring into windows, no less. That lasted 26 minutes.

I'll conclude the viewing of that flick at a later (actually, earlier) time.


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