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>> 7.06.2008

Knee high by the Fourth of July? I don't know how tall the corn was this weekend, but it sure tasted good, especially paired with the barbecued ribs from the neighbors' grill today.

After working the first two days of this holiday weekend, I decided to skip a trip to the beach, thus avoiding throngs of friendly drivers slowly heading back to the state to our south.

Instead, I walked all the way next door, fighting through thousands of blades of grass, to get my water fix. Yes, floating in someone else's pool, listening to Buffett, while someone else does the cooking was a perfect way to spend my one day off in many, many days. Thank you neighbors!

Why would I ever want to move away from a place that appeared last week in the top 10 places to raise a family? Ask me again when I'm shoveling the 86th inch of snow next February. But given how hot it's been everywhere else of late (113 in Arizona? um, no), maybe I should look into wintering in the warmth and staying close to the neighbors' pool this time of year.

Happy Fourth!


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