The great escape

>> 6.26.2008

Consider this a Twitter-ish blog posting. I can't talk about beaches and golf carts ALL the time, so I'll digress.

I'm so excited that I got to work out at the Y for the first time in five weeks last night! A workout with machines for a change, not a jog around the subdivision.
Has the summer been crazy? Um, yes.

It took some quick, evasive moves, but I made it to the Y with time to spare. Not only that, here's a full list of what the household accomplished last night:

  1. Stopped at in-laws' to check in and see visiting relatives.
  2. Left the child eating dinner with cousins for a quick run to the food store.
  3. Took child home and fed her fruits and vegetables (why? see point 2).
  4. Stopped at parents' to make sure plants and cats were still alive. Fought large mosquito crop (please harvest as many as you'd like) to water plants.
  5. The lawn was mowed at our primary place of residence.
  6. Called the mower of the lawn to pick up child from house of cats and dry plants.
  7. Went to the Y.
  8. Dropped off 12 magazines in the Y magazine rack to be read by new interested parties.
  9. Found missing piece of attire (clean, not sweaty, thank you very much) buried in bottom of gym bag, which was fully packed for once.
Now that's a successful evening.


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