Farewell, February

>> 2.28.2009

Finally we can bid a not-so-fond farewell to February.

It is not a month that's traditionally beach and golf cart friendly, unless you venture to Florida. The past two years I've had that opportunity, but the flight south didn't come to fruition this year.

It has been a long two fortnights, filled with old snow, slush, cold, fresh snow, freezing rain, and ice. Plus we're wrapping up a full house of winter colds, and my grandparents both fell, forcing decisions to be made about new living arrangements.

The final week of February saw a round of firings at my place of employment. Though I have survived these job cuts, I am sad some of my favorite fellow workers did not.

I feel slightly better now, having used so many f-words in the previous sentences.

On the brighter side, spring training commenced, always a sign of better things to come. And the calendar says spring begins in three weeks.

I'm ready to flee February and find March.


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