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>> 2.02.2009

Fifteen years ago, on the fifth Monday of the new year, I started my first "real" job. I was slightly removed from my college career, but I was finally working in my field. Well, not really, but you could make a connection.

I had purchased my first new car (1995 bright red Neon, aka, the lemon) and was looking for apartments ($400 a month or less please). I wore a skirt and heels to work that day, for the last time in 15 years.

Why am I feeling nostalgic? I have no idea. Fifteen years seemed like a good time to reflect. Or this anniversary just occurred to me tonight while staring at Self magazine on the elliptical trainer, so I wrote a blog post in my head instead of focusing on why white carbs are bad and more exercise is good.

I've spent the past decade and a half writing and editing magazines for three employers. During the entire stretch I've held a second job. For the first two years it was to pay for, well, food. After that, the new second job gave me a clipboard and walkie-talkie, plus money, which is always welcome.

I've been a copy editor, managing editor, editor in charge of it all, plus interim editor of magazines on myriad topics.

I've had marvelous bosses (one of whom left me and moved back to the heart of the magazine industry in New York, where I refuse to move) and one who told me I looked good in a skirt. On my first day at work. Which is the reason I haven't willingly worn one since. At least I outlasted him in the publishing industry.

I've hired and fired people. Some assignments have been a lot of fun (at one point I got paid to discuss Blazing Saddles) while others have caused great angst (closing a magazine).

I probably have two more "15-year recaps" to write before I retire, and I have no idea what I hope they will contain. Golf carts near a beach would be nice, but giving the current economic situation, just having something to recap will be grand.

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I've learned a lot about several industries and topics in my career. I think this is a good time to do some personal reflection, take inventory, and set some goals.

I'll let you know if I have any brilliant revelations.


Linda February 03, 2009  

nice recap! Miss having you here.

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