Cleaning out

>> 5.21.2009

We've gotten past the annual rummage sale and moved my grandparents out of their apartment.

And my mother-in-law has started removing extra stuff from the very large house that they may or may not sell this month or next year.

So we've made lots of trips to thrift shops, worked ourselves ragged at a rummage marathon (five days), and refuse to deal with any more boxes.

Except for this one, for a moment.

It was in the in-laws' basement. You have to wonder how long it was down there, and how they got it in the first place.

The wooden crate came to Milwaukee (pre-ZIP codes) via two railroads, apparently: the Erie RR and the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific (The Milwaukee Road). It contained glass, according to a label. Even learned a bit about the Cordes Supply Co. (which started doing business under that name in 1921).

Sometimes stuff gets to be so old it's almost cool. Almost. I took a picture, we reminisced for a moment, then we left it at the curb for pickup.

It had served the in-laws well, holding firewood (and related critters) for decades.

Time to move on.


Linda June 11, 2009  

Seriously. There comes a point when I start thinking about paying you to come help at my house. Now's not the time, but I really think your "no hesitation to toss" philosophy might come in handy.

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