Is it Friday yet?

>> 5.21.2009

It should have been Friday, based on how messed up everything has been this week.

The date mix-up came on Wednesday, when I reviewed the child's hot-lunch menu and announced, "It's pancake day!" So I sent her to school for a (not-so-frequent) trip through the lunch line.

She came home and said, "I had to eat pepperoni pizza. Thumbs down." That's her rating system for food, by the way: thumbs up, thumbs in the middle, and thumbs down. She hates pizza, especially pepperoni.

Bad mommy. Pancakes were Thursday. I heard about that mix-up all night.

In other news, it was the first week at work without the 20 employees who were let go in cutbacks. Everyone is on edge, and we're all stressed and working at home at night to try to keep up.

One more day of work this week. Wish me luck; I'll need it.


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