Bouncing off the walls

>> 7.26.2009

I worked through another beautiful weekend, so by tonight, after sitting in the desk chair of power for two days, I was bouncing off the walls at home. The husband told me to go for a run. Since I don't run (I walk quickly or jog slowly) and the only shoes near the door were sandals and it was getting dark, I put on the sandals and bailed out before anyone changed their mind.

It was a quiet, still, perfect-temperature, bug-free evening. The best kind, topping off an action-packed weekend in our fine city, most of which I missed. I did catch glimpses of the Thunderbirds in the air show from my clipboard-and-walkie-talkie perch, but the rest of the household witnessed the event from a real beach. No fair. The closest I came to a beach was Saturday morning's quick walk around a glorified retention pond.

I hope the wi-fi access is back up at work Monday. Laptop on picnic table while listening to iPod followed by mid-afternoon walks sounds like my prescription for the week.

No walls, please.


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