Workin' for the weekend

>> 7.12.2009

Actually, I worked through the weekend, so I'll have to wait another five days to enjoy next weekend.

Despite the weekend work at my part-time gig, I did accomplish more organizational/annual-cleaning tasks around the house.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, between parades and fireworks, we tackled the "put new shelf paper in all the drawers" project: my husband, with his straightedge and razor blade, and me, washing the contents of each drawer. Fun times, lovely results. Once a decade only, please.

This weekend we moved mattresses, box springs, and dresser-drawer contents to the floors as we vacuumed out every crevice and washed everything in sight.

While all this is productive and necessary, it brings me to a bigger issue: I need a project. Something to plan, work toward, research, analyze, produce. To the best of my knowledge, I have no upcoming weddings, pregnancies, moves, or big trips to plan. What else is there?

Hmm. I could go back to school. But I always think that's a good idea when the back-to-school gear shows up at Target. Buying a new notebook usually satisfies the urge, plus July is a little late to enroll for fall. And by mid-winter, the idea disappears.

Other ideas? Plan trips I won't take? Nah. Though I'll keep my low-airfare alerts current, just in case. But not likely.

Start another blog or other writing project? Maybe, but inspiration is lacking right now.

Figure out how to get more beaches and golf carts into my life? That's obvious, but the inspiration problem floats around that one too.

My part-time gig has just 10 weeks left in the season, the child goes to "real school" in six weeks, and the other member of the household's busy season runs October through March.

What's there for me to look forward to, work on, plan? Ideas, please!

I don't have many drawers and closets left to reorganize. Please save the remaining clutter in my home from my restlessness.


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